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Inkstained Blade: matsukanishi09's Fanfic Archive
Her Twisted Fairy Tale Ending 
7th-Nov-2010 11:27 pm
Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Pairing: Gokudera Hayato (59) and Miura Haru (86)
Written for:iu_fanfiction challenge 30 || prompt: Prince.

Miura Haru always dreamt of her ideal man. He was supposed to be follow the criteria Haru had in mind. He was supposed to be like the typical heroes written on the romance novels she read for she was determined to snag one of those men.

He should be gentle.

"Fuck you, you annoying cow! Come back here!"

"Ahahaha Ahodera! The candy belongs to Lambo!"

"That's it! I'm going to kill you, you piece of shit!"

He should be selfless.

"H-Hahi! You can't go in there, Gokudera-san! You are still injured--"

"Do you think I care, you stupid woman? I'm going to see the Tenth--"

"No!" Gokudera stopped and glared at her. "Please... please let Haru fix you up first..."

"Fine. Just be quick."

He should be caring.

"Wha--Why do I get to babysit? Again?"

"Because you didn't help Haru when she cleaned the house last time! You should be thankful that Lambo-chan's already asleep and you only have to take care of I-pin-chan--mmphh!"

"Shut up, you annoying woman." Gokudera removed his hand from her mouth and pointed towards I-pin and Lambo. "They're sleeping."

He should be chivalric.

"T-That was the last piece!"


"H-Haru wanted that salmon sushi!"


"Fine! It's yours!"

He should be smart.

"...If the mass is doubled, there should be an equal rate of displacement for the trajectory to move--are you even listening?"

"I already know that, you stupid woman." He shoved a paper towards her. "I don't need you explaining the freaking concept. I just need the fucking answer."

Haru glared and handed him a paper filled with solutions. Gokudera merely scowled.

"These are bullshit."

"H-Hahi! Haru solved that three times--"

"Look at this. The formula you used is all wrong. The mass should be multiplied to the..."

Gokudera began explaining and Haru merely watched in fascination.

He should be handsome.

"That's Gokudera-kun, right? So handsome..."

"And look! He's with Yamamoto-kun, too! D-Do I look good?"

"Really, those two are hot. I wonder who shall I give my chocolates to..."

Gokudera scowled as he walked with Yamamoto and Tsuna, the mindless squeals of the girls around him making him feel sick. If he heard one more praise about him being handsome, he's going to rip the girl's vocal chords out--

"Tsuna-san!" Haru smiled and held out a box. "Happy Valentine's Day!"

Gokudera glared, his mood worsening. What's with this girl, anyway? She should have classes right now--

"And oh!" Haru rummaged her bag and handed Yamamoto the same box. "Happy Valentine's Day, Yamamoto-san!"

Then, she looked at Gokudera and smiled, handing him a box much bigger than Tsuna's and Yamamoto's.

"Haru knew that you like sweets so," She smiled and handed him the box. "Happy Valentines' Day!"

Yamamoto received a black eye after he teased him.

But most importantly, he should love Haru back.
"H-Hahi!" Haru caught the box that Gokudera threw at her. "W-What's this--"

"It's White Day, you stupid woman." Gokudera scowled, a blush on his cheeks. "Get the picture."

Haru gaped in surprise as Gokudera walked off. Opening the box, Haru gasped and fingered its content, a happy smile attached to her face.

It was the book she rambled to him about a few weeks ago. The very book that contained the cheesiest of romances and the most number of cliches.

She never knew that he listened.

Miura Haru always dreamt of her ideal man. He was supposed to be gentle, selfless, caring, chivalric, smart, handsome and most importantly, he should love her back...

...and Hayato Gokudera was all that in a twisted kind of way.

8th-Nov-2010 04:35 am (UTC)
Aww... I'm melting~ XD Sometimes, we fall in love with the person we least expect. Nicely done and I really loved it! Hope to see more 5986 fics from you. :)
8th-Nov-2010 04:38 am (UTC)
Gokudera and Haru are just plain adorable. :D I shall write more 5986! Thanks! :D
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